I am a third-generation Puerto Rican and was born and raised in New York City. I attend Lehman College full-time and am working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Culture Studies. I would then like to obtain my Master’s in Counseling in order to become an Academic Counselor for low-income and minority students.

I am interested in pursuing this type of career because throughout my education I have had counselors, advisors, and extended family guide me through everything. I want to be the person that helps my community members in the same manner.

I am currently a Leadership Ambassador for my college’s Leadership Development Center. The center creates programs that enable members of the Lehman college community to develop themselves professionally and take active roles in their communities. I take pride in this position because I get to work with energetic teams to create and organize events, recruit new students, and suggest subjects to be covered at leadership development retreats. Through this position,

I have maintained a program that benefits the students of my college, much like how Academic Counselors maintain and encourage their students’ rise to higher education. Hands on experiences, like being a Leadership Ambassador, have taught me transferable soft skills like teamwork, organization, and public speaking. I am excited about what my future holds for me and I am confident that participating in the New York Fellows Program will positively affect my level of professionalism and leadership, and prepare me for the opportunities that I decide to pursue in the future.

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