Various experiences throughout my life have shaped me into the person that I am today. Experiences like coming to the United States without knowing English and taking care of my brother have pushed me to work hard, be resilient, and take on leadership roles at both home and college.

Being the first one of my family to pursue a college degree, it has been a great opportunity to study Political Science at the City College of New York. My experiences in life have shown me how important it is to advocate for the rights of minorities, women, and immigrants. This is why my dream is to attend law school and become a human rights lawyer.

As an immigrant myself, I have seen first-hand the challenges that those in the population may endure. This experience has made me aware of the need for advocates who are strong-minded, dedicated and passionate about the issue. In my career I want to help minorities who have been neglected and with dedication and effort, my goal of helping others will become a reality.

To be selected as part of the America Needs You 2016 Fellow Class is a privilege and an opportunity that will guide me throughout my professional career. This program will help shape me into a professional and help me accomplish my goals, which is something I am very grateful for.

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