Growing up in a single parent, low-income household in Far Rockaway, Queens was difficult. Watching my mother sacrifice her happiness by working two jobs to support our family has influenced my decision to pursue higher education and strive for economic mobility. I took an oath to break the cycle of poverty and to become a role model for people who share my humble beginning.

Being an activist is essential to my identity. In 2013, I traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Witnessing the similarities of injustices faced by minorities in the United States and Muslims in Bosnia sparked my passion for international affairs and public policy. With this, my goal is to have every page on my passport stamped with a different destination.

Currently, I am a student at Baruch College pursing a bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs with a focus in Law. I want to help my community by having a direct, hands-on approach to intersectional racism and to create policy to combat intergenerational discrimination. In the future, I will amend laws by becoming a policymaker or work as the Senior Advisor to the President.

To explore my passion for international affairs, I have interned at the New York City Mayor’s Office for International Affairs and for a city council member where I worked on environmental justice.

I hope to gain confidence in my leadership capabilities and reach my full potential as a first-generation college student with the help of the America Needs You Fellows Program.

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