Born and raised on the east end of Long Island, I’m still becoming accustomed to the fast-paced life of the city. Coming from a small town where everyone knows each other, I knew that I was missing out on many experiences

New York City as well as ANY has introduced me to a group of people who not only have different backgrounds, but posses differing perspectives to my own. I have learned that it is these differences we must value in people in order to keep an open mind. By lacking confinement in my own beliefs, I have developed into a young woman with a strong sense of self. I look forward to building upon my experiences and making great strides for the betterment of my life as well as of those around me.

As a second year student at Baruch College, I have begun to work towards my BBA degree in Business Management. With my court room experience as a prosecuting attorney through Youth Court in high school, and my expanding knowledge in business, I have been drawn toward corporate law as a profession that truly brings my interests together.

My life has never resembled the ideal. Yet my adversities are what have given me the motivation to surpass the so-called fate of a first-generation college student. As part of the 2015 Fellows class, I plan to not only use the resources provided to me, but to always extend myself and take advantage of every opportunity that arises.

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