I grew up in a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago where gang violence and drugs greatly impacted many people. I’ve witnessed many of my friends and family members go down a negative path that significantly limited their future educational and career prospects.

When I started my first year of high school, an introductory computer class was one of the few classes that immediately caught my attention. What made it more interesting was that every year I took a computer class I had the same teacher.  Ultimately, she helped me secure an internship.

During my senior year of high school I was in an internship program through a non-profit organization called GenesysWorks. After my internship experience, I helped create the first official IT club at my high school. The Students Working in Technology club (SWIT) taught other students about how to take apart and build a machine, the basics of programming, and how to become MOS certified. Founding this club, and having over 20 students join by the time I graduated, helped me discover that my true potential lies in the information technology and computer science fields.

Even though I have already completed two internships in IT, I want to continue and gain more knowledge of the IT field. America Needs You will be the support and network that will promote my growth towards achieving my career goals.

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