I am currently attending Brooklyn College pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business. I have a passion for putting smiles on people’s faces and by studying business and working in the hospitality industry, I am able to develop the skills needed to achieve my goals. I began working in several restaurants not only to sharpen my skills in a professional kitchen, but also to hone the fundamentals of customer service and operating a small business.

Studying abroad in Japan when I was sixteen ignited my interest in hospitality. After school each day in Osaka, I would eagerly travel back home to Kyoto to learn and help my host mother cook dinner. My family spoke little English and I hardly knew Japanese so the bike rides to the local grocery stores and lessons in her kitchen allowed us to create a universal connection. Besides the aroma of sweet caramelized onions and slurping down the hearty and comforting udon noodles that came out of the kitchen, the pleasure I derived from being my host mother’s sous chef allowed me to realize my passion for creating quality time with anyone.

By majoring in Business and working part-time in the food industry, I developed the skills to create connections similar to those I advanced with my host mother. In the future I hope to expand my familiarity of operating a small business to a bigger scale; creating everlasting memories with families and communities.

Being a part of the America Needs You family will allow me to reach my full potential. Through workshops and interacting with a diverse group of people, I will gain skills that contribute to my professional and personal life. Beyond professional development, I know that the new friends I meet along the way will support my future endeavors.

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