I am a rising sophomore at Baruch College, intending to major in Accounting. My goal is to graduate from college and then attend graduate school.

In high school, I was very shy because of my language barrier and I was not confident enough to speak up. In college, I pushed myself to start talking to people more often. I also found a job at Uniqlo, where I currently work as a Sales Associate to build my communication skills by providing customer service. I believe I have become more confident and take more initiative.

At Baruch, I am the co-chair of Events Management for the United Chinese Language Association. My co-chair and I plan all the events for the school year and work to put our ideas into action to create successful events. We are hoping to expand the Chinese culture on campus by creating events that everyone can enjoy.

Outside of school and work, I like to swim, read, and play piano. At America Needs You, I hope to be more comfortable in a professional environment, apply my skills to reach my goals, and expand my network. I believe I will continue to improve myself professionally and personally throughout the next two years.

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