I am a Jamaican-born, educated individual with a keen eye towards; efficient technological problem solving. I am an aspiring Computer Science major at York College planning to work, grow, reinvent, and adapt with the rapidly expanding technological sector.

My interest in technology began long ago, during my youth while playing video games. Although I always enjoyed playing video games with friends, my interest in what lay beneath the surface always compelled me; where creation of my own game became a dream. This led me to create my own games in various 3D game engines (Unity game engine, for example) while simultaneously creating and developing gaming apps using Java.

In the future, I hope to study Electrical Engineering and, more specifically, Robotics. I hope to learn more about the subject through the combination of coursework and teaching myself with any available resource. I have always been inspired by the significant inventions and discoveries made by robotics.

I joined the New York Fellows Program because of its vast supportive network and the opportunities it provides. It is an honor to have been selected as a Fellow for many reasons; the main being the support it will provide to equip me with the right skillset to secure my first career opportunity and to grow as an individual.

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