Transitioning to a new country at the age of eleven has helped me to mature and appreciate the small things in life. I had to adapt to a new life, language and culture very quickly. Through my experience as an immigrant, I have learned that having an education is a valuable resource to those who want to succeed. My family’s hard work, perseverance, and support push me to strive for more. I look forward to attaining a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and aspire to be a news anchorwoman.

Two of my greatest inspirations are Andrea Serna and Maria Celeste, leading females in Latin Journalism. Their dedication and passion for Journalism is admirable and the reason why I consider them motivational role models in my life. Like them, I will also be an asset to the future of news and television.

As an active community helper, I was selected as the Vice-President of the Newman Catholic Club of Queensborough Community College. The work I have done through this opportunity has been very emotionally rewarding. I currently work as an Elementary school teacher at a private institute. Being a teacher has allowed me to contribute to the lives of a younger generation with hopes for a better future.

In being a first-generation college student, my parents cannot always offer me the professional and educational support that working one-on-one with my Mentor Coach will. It is an honor and privilege to be a 2015 ANY Fellow.

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