At an early age, my parents instilled in me the importance of education and hard work. Because of these values, I have always been driven to maximize my full potential to learn and succeed. This has led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Finance and double minors in Sociology and Communication Studies at Baruch College.

I am involved in various leadership organizations and activities including T.E.A.M Baruch, where I serve as a Freshman Seminar Mentor and Peer for Career at the Career Development Center. As a career coach, I assist students with career exploration and planning. Additionally, I teach a Freshman Seminar class on academic and personal responsibilities. I serve as the Assistant Director of Events of the African Students Association and am a Global Cultural Exchange Mentor. Through my student engagement, I seek to empower and encourage leadership and professional development of my fellow students.

I give back to my community because I want to help the next generation understand the value and importance of knowledge and education. Growing up in the Bronx I witnessed the power of community involvement. With a degree in Finance, I hope to create financial literacy workshops teaching young adults throughout New York City the importance of budgeting and smart financing.

ANY will serve as a platform for my professional development and expose me to a variety of fields that will ultimately help me further cultivate the skills needed to succeed in my career.

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