I was born in the Dominican Republic in the city of La Vega.  I came to the United States when I was sixteen years old in October of 2010. I went to Newcomers High School and focused on overcoming my first obstacle of many – learning English. I knew even then that if I wanted to see my dreams come true, I would have to fight for it.

In my senior year of high school, I had something new to fight for.

I am currently a student at LaGuardia Community College, and one of my goals is to obtain my nursing degree. My experiences volunteering in the health center at LaGuardia helped to influence my course of study, and after I finish at LaGuardia, I want to transfer to a four year to continue my education.

As a first generation college student, I want to be a role model in society to inspire people to fight for their dreams.  I know that America Needs You will guide me to develop new skills and offer me the support I need to get what I want out of life.

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