Technology has become the wave of the future and it is rapidly gaining extraordinary momentum. Coming from a developing and striving continent such as Africa, I grew up in a country that is blessed with diverse cultures and natural resources. However, growing up in Nigeria was very difficult. My parents struggled and made enormous sacrifices to put food on the table and shelter my family.

In September of 2013, I was privileged with the opportunity to pursue a degree in technology in the United States. This exciting and unbelievable transition is a stepping stone towards the growth of my personal development and the advancement I can contribute to my country.

I am currently attending LaGuardia Community College and pursuing an associate degree in Technology, Computer Operations and Mathematics. I am currently a student Ambassador, IT Technician, and an active member of the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and President Society. After earning my associate degree, I will transfer to a higher institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree that will help me further my career in Computer Security and Networking.

As a goal oriented student, I believe that America Needs You will provide the skills necessary for me to educate and fulfill my passion of becoming a Security and Network Administrator. From this, I can share the knowledge I’ve learned to teach underprivileged kids and adults within my community in Nigeria about technology and computer operations.

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