Back in Mexico, my parents faced major restrictions.  My father was banned from attending school and my mother was forced to forfeit her educational endeavors to support her family. However, their faith in God prompted them to continue moving forward.

Although my parents never received any academic support, they never forgot to instill in me the values of obtaining higher education, respect, dedication, and hard work. As I grew up, I continued to live by these values, which soon allowed me to be the first in my family to nail a high school diploma to my bedroom wall, and then, to be the first to attend college.

I am currently attending The City College of New York and planning to major in Civil Engineering because I’m truly passionate about leaving a mark on the world. With my dedication and commitment to make an impact in people’s lives, I want to participate and lead projects that will be both rewarding and useful to society. As a future Civil Engineer, I hope to one day bring new ways to innovate and renovate our world. I also want to be able to build bridges across state lines in America.

With the academic support and mentorship that ANY will give me, I desire to improve my leadership skills and reach my full potential so that I can one day intern at corporations that will benefit my future such as Bechtel or Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. It’s truly an honor to be an ANY 2016 Fellow!

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