Growing up in a family of 1st generation Bengali-American immigrants, I have lived two lives as a Bengali and as an American. Like many other immigrants, my parents came to the United States to pursue the American Dream and to create a better life for our family in the land of opportunity.

The son of a construction manager and homemaker, I grew up in East New York, Brooklyn for my entire life. I attended public schools: P.S. 159, I.S. 218 and The Brooklyn Latin School.

After high school, I attended CUNY – York College for a year. After heavy introspection, I then transferred to Baruch College to study business with like-minded people in Manhattan because of my natural affinity for numbers. I am now majoring in Economics to better understand how the financial world impacts life for all humans in society.

Shortly after transferring to Baruch, I completed an internship in Investor Relations Consulting. Not satisfied with the level of change I saw in traditional finance firms, I transitioned into government because I wished to see more direct impact made towards helping people. Pursuing this newly realized passion, I went on to intern in various government offices. I have worked with the NYC Mayor’s Office as part of the NYC Service Department, a Brooklyn Assemblyman’s Office, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and am completing an internship in the spring of 2016 with the New York Senate during the state’s legislative session in Albany.

Because of my experiences in business and government, I look forward to channeling my drive to help people through my knowledge of business, finance, economics and government. I am currently exploring opportunities to start a business, as well as exploring the non-profit sector, to further positively impact those who grew up in similarly disadvantaged backgrounds and make the world a better place for all.

America Needs You has helped accelerate my growth through a network of highly-motivated, successful peers and mentors, who push me to be more aware of my role in the world and how I can better help people achieve their goals.

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