Coming from a family of immigrants, my family instilled in me the values of unity, education, service, and integrity. I am currently working towards my bachelor’s degree at Benedictine University.

My passion for serving my community started at Morton West High School where I was introduced to a police explorer program. This club helped students develop teamwork and public speaking skills, allowed us to practice law enforcement procedures through hands-on scenarios, and provided us an opportunity to do service in the community.

I am now involved in several clubs where I continue to serve, including American Red Cross, UNICEF, and the Criminal Justice club. I also serve as a lecture at my church. These experiences allow me to connect with others, make a difference in my community, and gain experience for my future career.

I believe ANY will give me additional support to grow professionally but also as a person. I will use the skills that ANY helps me to develop to take full advantage of my future career.

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