I was born and raised on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, but I moved to New York in 2012 and currently reside in Queens. I attend Queens College where I am a rising sophomore majoring in Political Science with an International Politics concentration. I’m also considering a minor in either Economics or in English to complement my major.

Upon completion of my degree I hope to enter the world of international relations where, through humanitarian intervention, I can facilitate interaction between countries in times of crisis. However, I also believe that charity begins at home. I am an active member of the CUNY Service Corps, a program geared toward servicing the needs of New York City through health, education, economic or environmental initiatives. The community organizations in the program seek to aid low-income families and neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs in hopes of further developing the city we call home.

Additionally, I am a mentor for the Freshman Year Initiative (FYI), which is a program at Queens College that provides incoming freshman students with mentors to help ease the transition to college while informing them of available resources. I am very proud to be a member of both the CUNY Service Corps and FYI.

As an America Needs You Fellow, I aim to take full advantage of the resources and support available to me. I am excited for what the next two years hold and hope to expand my skillset through internships and professional networking. I will carry what I have learned with me through all of my future endeavors.

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