I am currently pursuing an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts at Kingsborough Community College. My dream is to become a radiologist and hopefully one day establish a radiology clinic. Even though I am set on accomplishing my dream, I am excited and optimistic about exploring other potential degrees and career paths I can pursue.

I was born and raised in Jamaica and I am the only daughter among three brothers. In addition, I am a proud first-generation college student. Being the only female child and the first one to attend college among my siblings creates meaningful pressure for me since I do not want to let anybody down. I have learned to use this pressure to fuel my motivation and accomplish all the goals I set for myself.

As a part of the New York Fellows Program, I expect to develop skills and collaborate with one of the amazing Mentor Coaches for the next two years in order to achieve my short-term goals.

In addition to joining America Needs You, I have attained a number of accomplishments of which I am very proud including maintaining a high GPA with a challenging course load. In addition, I work as a volunteer at Brookdale Hospital and Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn. As a volunteer, I help assist sick children and provide support to their families. I truly enjoy the work and hope to leverage these experiences as I transition to a four-year school and then attend medical school for Radiology. Outside of work and school, I consider myself an avid reader and a great cook.

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