Living in New York City for most of my life, I’ve been mesmerized by the busy streets. The city, which never sleeps, motivates me to continuously pursue my dreams. We encounter people from different backgrounds daily with their own story to tell and this is mine:

As a first-generation college student, I am fortunate enough to be presented with opportunities my parents didn’t have. I am currently a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from Hunter College and I wish to be enrolled in a MD/PhD program in the future. I have a strong compassionate, enthusiastic, and curious nature for healthcare and research. My strong interest for working with children has reinforced my desire to become a physician in the pediatrics department. I believe that being a physician creates endless possibilities by contributing to a chapter of the patient’s story.

Volunteering at New York Presbyterian and Mount Sinai Hospital has strengthened my experience and knowledge. I have had the opportunity to provide social and emotional support though conversations with patients, assist nurses and doctors during emergency situations, and managed patients’ medical, financial, and personal information. I’ve also volunteered in Health Essentials Inc., a nonprofit organization, which promotes and educates health-related issues to the public.

My ultimate goal is to find happiness in my life and my career. Getting early exposure to real life experiences, diverse career backgrounds, and advice will shape me as a whole. This knowledge is not accessible through college textbooks but the New York Fellows Program offers workshops and mentoring by creating paths that will lead Fellows, like me, to successful futures. I believe that being a Fellow is the first step towards finding my happiness.

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