Raised in a small, close-knit family in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I was taught that the combination of knowledge, diligence, ambition, and healthy social capital equates to success. Keeping that in mind, I chose to relocate to Chicago, a new atmosphere that I felt would allow me to meet new people while pursuing an engineering degree in healthcare.

Currently, I am a student at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) majoring in biomedical engineering with a specialization in neural engineering. In high school, I began following media news about significant medical breakthroughs through the use of viruses, chemicals, and new medical technologies to provide a second chance for patients. Through this self-education, I simultaneously realized the limitations of human ability in providing treatment, and the potential of engineering principles and medical technologies to compensate for our imperfections and greatly improve the quality of clinical treatments. I hope one day to take part in such greatness by translating creative ideas into reality from the knowledge and experience that I acquired at IIT.

Outside of the academic realm, I participate in the US Army ROTC program. ROTC helps me remain disciplined in reaching my daily goals, instilling stability and balance which I hope will lead to successful completion of my undergraduate career. Upon graduation from IIT, I hope to obtain a graduate degree from business or medical school.

I am excited to invest in America Needs You, as I believe dedication to the workshops and their lessons will develop essential skills for any professional environment. Networking with unique Fellows and Mentor Coaches with diverse backgrounds will  help me build both personal and professional circles in which to grow as an individual.

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