I was born and raised in a small village in Guyana. Being Caribbean, family has always been a priority for me which is why I want to build a future for myself that will allow me to secure their well-being. Currently, I am a sophomore and a Provost Scholar at Baruch College majoring in Finance and minoring in Mathematics and English. I decided to major in Finance because it is a promising field that will allow my analytical nature to flourish. I am particularly fascinated with the process of project expansions that aid companies’ growth.

One of my long term goals is to attend graduate school for Mathematics in pursuit of becoming a professor. I wish to grow old making calculus accessible to all students while continuing to explore new levels of mathematics. This way I will always be kept on my feet, exploring, learning and teaching.

I recently challenged myself as an educator while interning at the American Museum of Natural History. I designed and presented 45-minute themed tours for camp groups at the museum during weekdays. It not only tested my creative skills, but also challenged my ability to actively engage children of varying ages over a long period of time. This autumn semester, I look forward to honing my skills by mentoring a class of 20 Baruch freshmen, helping them transition to college through workshops and activities.

While acting as a mentor at school, I will also get to enjoy and learn from my own mentor at America Needs You. The New York Fellows Program offers the opportunity to meet experienced professionals serving as mentors who are willing to provide their wisdom and guidance. I know the next few years at America Needs You and Baruch will be exciting and rewarding.

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