I was born and raised in a small city called Fuzhou in southern China and immigrated to New York with my family when I was sixteen. Moving to New York was a turning point in my life and fulfilled my dream of being a part of a big city with many opportunities.

Assimilating into a completely different culture is never easy for any immigrant. The language obstacle that my parents faced gave them the least choice, having to work day and night in order to support my two younger siblings and me. After watching my parents struggle, I realized the importance of education and was determined to succeed in order to honor my parents’ sacrifice.

I am currently a student at Baruch College pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. My passion for numbers and math inspired me to pursue career in finance. I am especially interested in world events and how they can manipulate the stock market.

Prior to joining the New York Fellows Program, I found myself frustrated because like many other immigrants, I lacked a network and did not know where to seek professional advice. I am very lucky to be a part of a program that is helping me expand my professional network and meet new friends. I look forward to working with my Mentor Coach to develop my skills.

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