Apply To Our Volunteer Boards

We are now accepting applications for the New York Mentor Leadership Council (MLC) and the New York  and New Jersey Young Leadership Boards (YLBs). Apply today for a leadership role and contribute to the mission of America Needs You. As an MLC or YLB member, you will enrich the experience and engagement of the ANY community, build close relationships with Staff, the Governing Board, and Mentor Coaches, and build lasting friendships with a group of successful professionals.

Mentor Leadership Council

The Mentor Leadership Council aims to enhance the volunteer experience for New York Mentor Coaches and create the premier young professional network in New York City.

MLC members:

In order to be considered for the Mentor Leadership Council, you must be a current Mentor Coach. Please note that MLC members are expected to attend in-person monthly meetings (held at workshops whenever possible) and make a two-year commitment coinciding with your time in the program.

Young Leadership Board

The Young Leadership Board is a diverse group of leaders who leverage their experiences and networks to shape and implement strategic initiatives of ANY.

YLB members:

Please note that YLB members are expected to make a minimum two-year commitment.

The New York MLC and YLB applications will re-open in July 2016.
Please contact us at with questions regarding the MLC.
Please contact Morolake Odeleye at with questions regarding the YLB.
The New Jersey YLB applications are currently open. To apply, please click here
Please contact Pauly Rodney at with questions regarding the YLB.